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Edge Global Services
EGS - Manufacture

Factory sourcing for product development & Technical capability

EGS - Procurement

Cost avoidance, Category management, Buying strategies

EGS - Industry

FMCG, DoD, Aerospace, IT and Consumer Electronics

Our Services


EGS - Manufacture Services

Factory sourcing, quality control & production performance enhancement

Procurement & Supply Chain

EGS - Procurement & Supply Chain Services

Cost avoidance, category management & supply chain strategy

Product Strategy

EGS - Product Strategy Services

Market landscaping, brand positioning & product design


EGS - Sourcing Services

Value engineering, parts fabrication and consumer goods consultancy

About Us

We deliver on our promises
EGS is a consultancy designed specifically around action and delivery. Our founder, Lou, spent many years engaging with solution-providers whose attention often fell on the presentation of intricate and sometimes unnecessary data analyses, rather than getting stuck in to delivering noticeable differences to businesses. Cutting his teeth in multiple FMCG roles before specialising in procurement and finally working for consultancy firms himself, Lou identified and understood the problem for businesses seeking consultants. This problem of hiring expectation versus the reality of theory-driven presentations, rather than a clear path of action to drive businesses forward is one he is determined to solve.

Our Number 1 Rule

Actions speak louder than words. We exist to help your business achieve its goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. Time is money, and as a transparent delivery consultancy we give you hard results, rather than jargon-filled analyses.

Quality service for industrial and manufacturing products.

Guaranteed Results

Business delivery under extreme presure

Smart Solutions

Cold fixing situations in any supply chain situation

Easy and Affordable

Fixed contract no extras price include everything

Team Of Professionals

With the team of experts we assure you guaranteed results


With over 20 years of expertise across our specialist fields, EGS help your business gain the edge in today’s competitive and complex global markets.
  • Our industry experts: Combining a wealth of industry knowledge with established, global connections for solutions that secure your business safe and sustainable business growth.
  • Our hands on, end-to-end services:With our unique provider of services we add value to businesses.
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Edge global services is primarily a delivery consultancy service for businesses that need to succeed in key areas , procurement , cost avoidance, manufacturing , brand positioning .

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